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Here at the Stafford County Animal Shelter we are always in need of new volunteers. We are now accepting eligible individuals that are hands on and willing to clean kennels along side the staff. We have many different areas where we could benefit from the extra help. You chose your own hours and days you're able to volunteer; we just ask you give us 2 hours minimum per month--that's it! We are currently in need of assistance with cleaning, grooming, transportation, dog walking, and dog training, events, and professional animal photography. If any of these duties peak your interest, please reach out to us! We would absolutely love to have you as a part of the team. You might even fall in love with one of the shelter companions!

Cleaning Animal Enclosures: This is the most important duty to the staff members! Cleaning the animal enclosures is time consuming and thorough. We are looking for hard working individuals who don't mind getting their hands dirty and really getting to know what it's like behind the scenes of an animal shelter. Cleaning is done early in the morning before operating hours and continues throughout the day. You'll really get to know our animals on a personal level. 

Grooming: We are in great need of a professional groomer who would like to donate their time and services to helping the companions look their very best for their new family. We prefer the groomer have some experience with the clippers, nail trimming, bathing, and handling animals who don't like to be handled. This volunteer position can be on-call as needed or the groomer may choose to visit the shelter once a week to give our animals a quick makeover. Either way, we would be so grateful for this service. 

Transportation: This volunteer position is primarily on-call or as needed. The volunteer will be responsible for picking up the animals and transporting them to various local places. Destinations would include vet clinics, events, transfer from shelter to shelter, or picking up other animals from other jurisdictions, and transporting wildlife  Transporters will be approved to drive the shelter's vehicle or they may chose to use their own vehicle. This a very important, and much needed position.

Dog Walking: This is the most popular of all positions! Who wouldn't wanna spend their day hanging out with all kinds of different dogs and giving them love? Dog walking exercises our companions and gives them a break from their kennel. Dog walkers may chose to let the canines run wild and free in our enclosed fenced area or walk them around the shelter's property so they can get a better view of the great outdoors! Dog walkers may also provide information to potential adopters and answer adoption questions when asked. 

Dog Training: We are looking for a professional dog trainer or someone with prior experience. Without knowing the history of the animals, it is difficult to provide information to inquiring families. A trainer will assist with behavior testing our dogs and working on basic commands while they are waiting for forever homes. This will help us better place the dog in a home suitable for its requirements and needs. 

Events: Events are a fun way to spread the word about our mission to adopt animals and show what we do here at the animal shelter! They are also an opportunity to build a relationship with the community and invite them to visit the animal shelter. Volunteers who chose to participate in events will work alongside the staff to help set up, talk with the public, care for the animals on site, and represent the animal shelter for the day! This is a fun way to get involved with the animal shelter and our wonderful community!

Photography: Say Cheese! We are always looking for ways to capture our shelter companions' unique personalities. We are calling all professional photographers who are willing to donate their time and awesome photography skills to visit the shelter once or twice a week to take pictures of all our available animals for adoption. Feel free to use our shelter companions to promote your business. We will use the photos to promote their adoption and of course give you credit and thanks!

Did we catch your attention yet? We sure hope so because we still need you! For more information or to volunteer, please contact the Citizen Assistance Office at (540)658-4516 or the animal shelter (540)658-7387. Just simply fill out a volunteer packet and submit it back to us. You have to be 16 years or older to volunteer with us and a background check is required.


At-Home Activities

If you are looking for extra ways to help the SCAS, please feel free to click HERE for At-Home Activities.  All of the activities listed in on this site can be completed at home, at school, or as a group activity. Once you have completed your projects, email the Shelter at to schedule a time to bring in your projects and have your service hour form signed (if applicable).


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