We understand that sometimes it becomes necessary to give up your pet.
The Stafford County Animal Shelter accepts pets from the residents of Stafford County.  We provide a temporary safe haven for stray and lost animals and animals given up by their owners. The shelter is defined as an “open admission” shelter, meaning we turn no animal away**. As an open-admission shelter, we take in ill and injured animals and those that are not immediate candidates for adoption. We receive pets that are no longer wanted, pets from people who can no longer care for them, as well as stray animals.
In the end, our goal is to find a loving home for the adoptable pet.  Relinquishments are accepted during our normal hours of operation Tuesday thru Friday 11AM to 5:30PM and Saturday 9:30AM- 4PM.
**We do not accept pets from outside our jurisdiction (county).


Before You Surrender a Pet

When an animal is surrendered to the shelter, his/her owner relinquishes all rights to that animal—and this decision is final. We urge anyone surrendering a pet to consider all possible alternatives before surrendering their ownership of their animal. The following points may be helpful:

  • A friend or family member may be willing to help. Please contact others who may be able to care for your pet either on a temporary or long-term basis.

  • Many behavioral problems can be resolved. Please consider contacting a local trainer to work with you and your pet.
  • Pets should not be “set free,” or left in a park or woods. Pets lack the skills to survive on their own and often suffer starvation or traumatic injury.
  • Do not leave your pet behind in your former home, assuming someone will find him/her—this does not always happen in time for the animal.
  • Never give your pet away to a stranger. Not everyone is responsible or able to provide adequate pet care. Some people view animals as commodities that can be used for inhumane purposes and/or sold for research.

If you have exhausted all other possibilities, bring your pet to the shelter.


Necessary Documentation

If you choose to relinquish ownership of your pet, the shelter will ask for the following:

  • A valid form of photo ID
  • Any pertinent records pertaining to the pet (medical records, a bill of sale, etc)
  • A brief profile of the pet’s habits and behaviors (which you will complete at the shelter)
  • Proof of Stafford County residency

The shelter requires that the pet’s actual owner relinquish custody of the animal. If you are bringing in an owned pet that is not yours, we require the animal’s actual owner to sign the animal over to the shelter.


What Happens Next?

At the shelter, all animals receive necessary veterinary care, nutritious food, exercise and plenty of love and attention from our experienced staff. Animals determined to be suitable for adoption are placed in our adoption program. There is no set time limit for how long an animal can remain in our adoption program. As long as an animal maintains general good health, a sound temperament and we have space, we will keep a pet for weeks, sometimes months. We may put some animals who are sick, underage, or who would benefit from behavioral intervention in foster care and return them to the adoption program at a later time. We work hard to give second chances to every healthy or rehabilitatable animal, and try to avoid euthanasia when appropriate and when possible.


We humanely euthanize those animals that are not candidates for adoption due to medical or behavioral problems. We also euthanize aggressive animals that are determined to be a potential threat to the community and those sick or injured animals that are unrehabilitatable given our resource limitations.


There is no charge for giving up an animal, though we will ask if you are able to make a donation to help care for all the animals here at the shelter. Animals may be given up any time during regular business hours.



Stray Intake


The Stafford County Animal Shelter only accepts stray companions animal from Stafford County only. If you found a stray animal please contact the animal control office in the county in which you live. Stray animals are accepted during our normal hours of operation Monday through Friday 11AM to 5:30PM and Saturday 9:30AM- 4PM. 


The Stafford County Animal Shelter is not accepting owner requests for euthanasia at this time.