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Become a Foster Parent

What it means to be a "Foster Family"

Our foster program allows families or individuals to provide a temporary nurturing environment in their home where the animals can receive the care they need to grow, heal, and socialize. Some may need a quieter space and others may have medical or special needs that would be better cared for in a home environment. . The time required to foster varies depending on the species and it's specific needs.. It can be from as little as one week to many months, depending on the particular animal.


Fostering Benefits

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience and one that takes a real commitment. It is easy to fall in love with an animal, especially one that has depended on you and it can be hard to see them go to a new home. The wonderful part of fostering is knowing that you played a role in getting them there! Fosters play a very important role here at the shelter. We are always welcoming long-term foster families that come back year after year to open their home to a pet in need. The best part is, foster families are given first adoption rights to the animal they are fostering. This means if you chose to adopt, you will be first in line!   


Rules and Regulations for Fostering


We foster certain animals under certain circumstances, such as un-weaned puppies and kittens, special needs animals, animals that require socializing, and adoptable animals when space is limited. We will provide any and all supplies , including vet care, to the animal(s) being fostered. All you have to do is provide a safe place for the animal to stay. ALL fosters must be a Stafford County resident. 


Under the Virginia Comprehensive Animal Law Handbook the foster care provider must provide as listed, under 3.2-6503:

  • Adequate care, treatment, and transportation

  • Adequate exercise

  • Adequate feed

  • Adequate shelter that is properly cleaned

  • Adequate space depending on the animal 

  • Adequate water 

  • Veterinary care when needed or to prevent suffering or disease transmission

Under the Virginia Comprehensive Animal Law Handbook for requirements for foster homes; no foster home shall be operated in violation of any local zoning ordinance; and no foster home shall keep more then 50 companion animals on site at one time. Also under this section, the fostering care provider has to read and sign a statement specifying that he/she has never been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment.


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