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Emergency Preparedness


Stafford County Animal Control has made it our goal to assure that pet owners adequately prepare for their animals in the event of a natural disaster, planned evacuation or any other catastrophic event. 

Most disasters occur with little to no warning. Planning ahead is the key to survival, in the event that you must evacuate your home. Every disaster plan must include your companion animals. 


CLICK HERE to Pre register your pet in case your animal needs to be placed in an emergency shelter in the event of a disaster or evacuation.

Prepare your Disaster Supply Kit:

  • Portable crate or carrier

  • Leashes

  • Food/water bowls

  • Supply of your pets regular medications

  • First aid kit

  • Health records, including vaccination records.

  • Instructions on your pets feeding schedules and diet, medications and any special needs.

  • Special toy or blanket for comfort

  • Current photo of each pet.

You are faced with three types of situations to prepare for:

Evacuate! Take Your Pet With You!! All of the necessary items have been placed in your preparedness kit so you are ready to go. Your plan should include establishing a “buddy system” that you have a mutual agreement with to provide for each other’s animals in the event you have to evacuate. Both parties should be separated geographically but not so far that you cannot reach each other in a reasonable amount of time. Have a list of hotels in your area that are pet friendly and have phone numbers for boarding kennels or vet facilities outside of the affected area.

Shelter In Place, conditions have either worsened and do not allow for travel or the event does not allow for you to leave your home. You have several days of food and water on hand but have you prepared to share you confined environment with your animals? Animal waste can accumulate quickly so develop a plan not only for food and water but how to limit and dispose of waste while cohabitating with animals.

I’m Not Home! We all step away from home to go shopping, go to work or run to the store. If we are not home and disaster strikes we may not be allowed back in to the area to retrieve our belongings or animals. Keep a list on your refrigerator of your animals, their location in your house and where you keep their evacuation kits. Pre-register your animals with Stafford County Animal Control so we will know which houses in the affected area have animals. If you are out of the area for the day make sure your “buddy” can be contacted and can take possession of the animals if they are evacuated by rescue services.

Please remember Your Pet, Your Responsibility!! Although we are here to help in any way possible, our resources will be stretched and it will be your responsibility to provide for your animals. In the event that we respond to take possession of them, we would like to return them as soon as possible. Please make this an easy process for both of us.


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