Helpful Resources

The shelter has compiled information in response to the more common questions we hear. Please click below for more information on the following:

Mental Health Benefits to Owning A Pet:



Cat Behavior

     Cat Care 101

     Bringing Home a New Cat

     Nine Ways to Welcome Your New Cat

     Introducing Cats to Each Other

     Cat Scratching

     How to Choose a Scratching Post


          General Litterbox Information

          Litterbox Cleaning

          Liiterbox Training  

          A Guide to Litterbox Size

          How Many Litterboxes Do I Need

     A Guide to Cat Body Language

     Transitioning an Outdoor Cat to Indoors

     Upper Respiratory Infections

     Supplies for a New Cat

     10 Reasons a Cat Meows

     Preparing the Cat For a New Baby

     Choosing Safe Cat Toys

     Living with Cat Allergies - It Can Be Done!

     Renter's Guide to Pet Ownership


Dog Behavior

    Preparing Your Home for A New Dog

     Tips for the First 30 Days of Dog Adoption

     Adopting a Rescue Dog - The First Seven Days    

     Dog Care 101

     Housetraining 101

     Living With Both Dogs and Cats

     How to Talk to Your Dog

     The Benefits of Crate Training

     Dogs and Children

     Dog Training

     Dogs That are Hand Shy

     Separation Anxiety

     Supplies for a New Dog

     Pledge For New Dog Adopters

     Your Newly Adopted Dog

     Renter's Guide to Pet Ownership


Small Pet Care




     Guinea Pigs







     General (Small) Bird Care

     Bird Care 101    

     Larger Birds (a quick internet search of your particular kind is very helpful)

Pet Loss

     Information from the ASPCA on Pet Loss

     Coping With the Death of Your Pet

     Honoring Your Pet's Memory

     Preparing For the Death of a Pet