​Animal Control




It is the purpose of the Animal Control Division to insure a safe coexistence between animals and people and to:


-Educate the citizens of Stafford on proper care, bite prevention, rabies control and disaster preparedness


-Enforce the comprehensive animal laws of the commonwealth of Virginia and Stafford County


-Humanely provide for the animals that come into our care at the shelter

Animal Control Officers are available Monday 7am-5:30pm; Monday-Friday 7am-8:30pm; Saturday & Sunday 7:30am-4pm. Officers may be dispatched via (540)658-7387 or (540)658-4400. Officers are available for emergency calls as determined by protocol 24 hours a day.






All Stafford County Animal Control Officers (ACO’S) are certified by the Department of Agriculture for Animal Control and the Department of Criminal Justice as Stafford County Deputy Sheriffs. They are required to maintain continuing education hours to remain certified in both Categories.


In addition, the ACO’S attend training in Equine care and Body scoring, cruelty investigation, animal fighting (dogs and chickens), Wildlife care, and training in exotic animals. Disaster management and control are also high on the list for education.


The ACO’S are responsible for the day to day complaints of dogs running loose, Rabies vaccination and County dog license compliance, as well as barking dogs and all other State laws and County ordinances applying to Domestic and Agriculture animals. 





Chief Animal Control Officer Bice - 540.658.7387


Sergeant McCall - 540.658.4524 ext.1036

Dep. Animal Control Officer - 1st Class Brooks 540.658.4524 ext.1037